Cobb and Co Heritage Park, Rosewood Staging Post

Rosewood Cobb and Co at night (Photo courtesy of Lyle Radford)and the actual Staging Post

Welcome to the Rosewood Staging Post. Just like in the days of Cobb & Co coaches when they stopped to rest and water their horses, that is where you can stretch your legs, refresh, have a bite to eat and take the time to discover Rosewood.  A dense vine forest knows as the Rosewood Scrub once extended across the district to Fernvale to the present-day town of Rosewood. The scrub was a rich source of food for the Aboriginal people who often gathered at the Old Man Waterhole (Calvert).


In the early 1840s, a track developed between Ipswich and the Darling Downs passing along the southern edge of the scrub. Samuel Owens received approval to open a wayside inn at Old Man Waterhole; another inn later opened about 5km further west.


Most of the land surrounding the scrub was taken up by large pastoral runs.


Points of Interest

– St Brigid’s Catholic Church: Opened in 1910 this is the largest timber church in Queensland

– Rosewood Railway Station: Still in operation the building was constructed in 1918 of pre-cast concrete which imitates timber


– Rosewood Court House and Police Station: Built in 1892 the building is State heritage listed and is a reminder of the time when country towns were far more self-contained


We hope you enjoy your visit to Rosewood and exploring the sights along the rest of the Cobb & Co Tourist Drive.

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