Following a public meeting to discuss the provision of sporting facilities for Rosewood and district and discussions with Rosewood RSL, a committee under the Chairmanship of Cr. H.B. Courtice was formed and became known as West Moreton National Fitness Committee.  The trustees, H.B. Courtice, A. Wass and R.D. Skinner negotiated a ten year lease over Anzac Park from the former Moreton Shire Council. The park was developed with the assistance of H.B. Courtice, E. Joynson and Dr. C. Stevenson who provided a guarantee for a loan of $30,000.00. The existing RSL Hall was relocated from William Street, Rosewood to Anzac Park on 23-24 January, 1979. Anzac Park boasted a turf wicket, plus hockey and rugby league fields, whilst the hall which was opened in November 1979, housed both the gymnastics and judo/boxing clubs. Additional floodlighting has proved invaluable to the district sports people who to this day continue to enjoy the amenities. The sporting public as they use these facilities today, as well as recognising the ongoing commitment from Ipswich City Council, can be truly grateful for the foresight of the people who through the early year made this all possible.  Cr David Pahlke, October 2003

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