Outside the Rosewood Hotel

Outside the Rosewood Hotel

Two lead actors in the Rosewood Hotel laneway

Chase scene down the street

Film Crew Halt Traffic


Rosewood’s main street was a hub of activity last Sunday as a film crew worked to capture scenes for a film trailer.  ‘Thunder Road’, a fictional story set in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s is the story of two brothers, who after taking over their fathers auto mechanic shop, find themselves in trouble with the local thugs.  Author and co-director Shaun Croaker said Rosewood was the ideal location for the film. Frog Brothers Films will use the trailer to pitch the movie to investors and if all goes to plan, Rosewood will welcome the crew back as they film the movie.


Co-Director Deano Brennan said they considered locations in southern Queensland but Rosewood was ‘just perfect’.   On Sunday locals watched, or took their roles as extras, as a ‘chase down the street’ was filmed.  People soon realised that making a film is not always the most exciting spectator sport.


Moving as many classic cars into place, attaching era specific false plates to the vehicles, making sure lighting was correct, setting up camera angles and making sure modern day items such as rubbish bins were removed, all took time.  But this did not stop locals from spending much of the afternoon watching the process. The morning was taken up with filming inside the Middle Pub, with an actor at one stage seen exiting the hotel wearing his ‘blood’ soaked tee-shirt.  The completed film will have something for everyone, according to Shaun.  “There is rock and roll, classic cars and hot rods, plenty of action and even some romance,” he said.  The film crew spent two days in Rosewood, filming at the hotel and in the main street and on private properties.  “We had an amazing response from people who had objects and clothing that suited the era of the film and some of this is being used today,” Deano said.


Grandchester’s Eddie Abraham’s 1958 Austin Lancer was one of the vehicles used and he was also an extra in the street scene.  This was also the case for Justin Bowman and his sons, Sam and Jake.  Justin Bowman’s 1954 Chev truck was used while his two sons – Jake and Sam were extras.  Noela Watters, who grew up in Mt Mort was back in the street, as an extra, with her 70 year old pedal car and two grandchildren. “I used to play in this car when I was little and now my granddaughter Mackenzie is one of the extras in it,” she said.  Scott Jones came back to town with his 1939 Triumph 3HW, a British bike that was used in WWII, that will also feature in the film.  One of the main actors, Danny Macrae, said the community was very welcoming.  “People are genuinely interested in what we are doing and happy to chat with us and make us welcome,” he said.


Deano said they were very happy with both the location and the way the filming went.

Words courtesy of Moreton Border News 14/12/2012

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