Deck the Walls launch August 2012

Cr David Pahlke with Principal Lyn Culverhouse and Teacher Clay Dawson

A GROUP of Rosewood State High School year 12 students have proved that anything can be used as a canvas for art, with the new Deck the Walls..

Deck the Walls featured 20 customised skateboard decks decorated by year 12 art students.  You don’t have to look too far to see how popular skateboards are with young people and it’s wonderful to see students using them as a way to creatively engage with the arts.  Division 10 Councillor David Pahlke said students had dedicated the past two months to designing their artwork that would eventually end up on the decks of skateboards.  “The students looked at the artwork of established deck artists and studied different techniques before creating their individual designs, which include animals, robots and insignias, “Cr Pahlke said.

Rosewood State High School Principal Lyn Culverhouse said it was great to see students representing the school in the wider Ipswich art community.  “These passionate art students have built a strong foundation for future Rosewood pupils to aspire towards,” Ms Culverhouse said.  Rosewood State High School Art Teacher Clay Dawson said some students initially wanted to add wheels to their decks and take them to the streets, but were now keen to preserve them as artwork.  “Personally, I would like to see these decks displayed in the school but given the love students have for them, I know they will probably end up on the bedroom wall so I’m fine with that,” Mr Dawson said.

photos courtesy of Lyal Radford

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