Cr David Pahlke with noted local Tree Expert, Arnold Rieck.

THE streetscape of a Rosewood street has been beautified through a new planting program undertaken by Ipswich City Council.


 Division 10 Councillor David Pahlke said the new trees were part of a series of street plantings along the top end of Waight St.  “We have lined the street with a selection of new local native trees and plants through this $30,000 project,” he said.  Cr Pahlke said council had worked closely with local resident Arnold Rieck from the Society for Growing Australian Plants on the project.  “The tree species we have used are ones which have been grown by seed collected by Mr Rieck,” he said.  Plantings include the Rosewood Wattle (Acacia fasciculifera ), Small leaf Tuckeroo (Cupaniopsis parvifolia) and velvet cassia (Cassia tomentella).


Cr Pahlke said Mr Rieck had worked hard over many years to regenerate the Rosewood area with about 200 indigenous local species.  “He has been trying to create a living museum to provide a seed source for future regeneration work.  “Mr Rieck has been instrumental in ensuring that plants found within the Rosewood Scrub, which was a huge tract of dense vine forest stretching from Rosewood to Fernvale, have been retained.  “Council is pleased to have worked with Mr Rieck on the plantings along Waight St to ensure that through this streetscape we are able to recognise and pay tribute to the area’s early history.  “It is important for the ongoing future of the local natural environment that Rosewood’s natural vegetation is preserved.”

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