Cr Pahlke with Lions Members, Ian Leutchford, Greg Tutt, John Haylock, Dona Waters, Eirys Heit, Bill Freeman and Arnold Rieck   Ipswich City Council Youth Officer Kate Toohey sprays Cr Pahlke Other photos from Rosewood Youth Festival Day on the 15th December 2012

IPSWICH City Council has joined forces with YoungLife Australia and community partners to co-ordinate a range of activities in Rosewood during the December to January School Holiday period.
Various community groups will work with council to deliver activities and supervision at the Rosewood Youth Hub including local youth services, Queensland Police, community organisations and local businesses.  The hub is running from 4pm to 10pm each Thursday, Friday and Saturday between December 14 and January 19 at Rosewood ANZAC Park Hall.  The program includes a barbecue, creative arts activities, hip-hop/shuffling dance workshops, music workshops, personal safety training and a Party Safe Program run by Queensland Police.  Ipswich City Council Youth and Seniors Committee Chairperson Councillor Sheila Ireland said council wanted to encourage young people in Ipswich, particularly in Rosewood, to take part in the Rosewood Hub.

This is a special program for you so we hope to see you there enjoying all the activities on offer. The Rosewood Youth Hub was just one of the activities available for Ipswich’s young people during the summer school holidays.  Council has worked hard to come up, in conjunction with the community, with a program which should help to keep boredom at bay.  There are a large number of activities planned for this summer with something for everyone from workshops on offer for young people with an interest in business, creative arts activities, barbecues and music events and performances.

The day included:

·  Information stalls about local services for young people; ·  A barbecue;
· Creative arts activities;
· A shuffling dance workshop and;
· Music, shuffling and hip-hop performances.

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