Mayor Paul Pisasale and Cr David Pahlke Chair of Tourism and Libraries
with Debbie Morrison from Yellow Cabs

IPSWICH Yellow Cabs are helping to drive home the Discover Ipswich message with two Ipswich based taxis now carrying the colourful advertising message.

Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale and Tourism and Libraries Committee Chairperson Cr David Pahlke inspected the new sign written vehicles and thanked Yellow Cabs for their support of local businesses which served the visitor market.  The new signs came at no cost to council or tourism operators.  Yellow Cabs came forward with this generous offer to provide the two taxi sides for six months.  This is a tremendous example of how we can support each other in getting the message to residents and visitors about the many attractions on offer.  These two taxis will be on the road seven days a week not only in Ipswich, but surrounding areas as well.

Cr David Pahlke said he was thrilled when the offer came through from local manager of Yellow Cabs Debbie Morrison.  I know all cabbies are proud to provide a first class taxi service in our city and this gesture will be appreciated by all tourism operators in the region.  Council worked in partnership with the Ipswich Tourism Operators Network (ITON) to finalise the artwork and Yellow Cabs did the rest.  Many people may not realise that even taxi drivers are in the tourism business, and these new signs will help reminded everyone that there are many unique experiences to offer friends and visitors to the Ipswich region, Cr Pahlke said. – Check it out

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