Photos Courtesy of Cr David Pahlke
Story Courtesy of Moreton Border News

If you have driven along Rosewood’s main street in the past couple of weeks and wondered what was different, then perhaps it was the six power poles that are missing on the eastern side of the street from Railway Street to Royal George Lane. The ongoing undergrounding of the network in the CBD represents some of Energex’s component of the $1.1 million project to place sections of Rosewood’s electricity network underground. It is part of a joint beautification project with Ipswich City Council.
The programs main focus is undergrounding or bundling, existing power lines in sensitive locations such as major street shopping precincts, sensitive environmental and heritage areas, locations with significant vegetation, high pedestrian or vehicular areas, and in communities abutting bays, rivers and coastline.
In Rosewood, more than 300 metres of overhead power line s and the poles on John Street will be replaced with underground cables on the eastern side of the street.
Next Sunday those moving through the centre of town can expect to see more works as the final two poles are removed. Energex had hoped the works would be completed last weekend but the storm activity meant the work has to be cancelled. With all the cabling underground there will only be light poled seen in the CBD, once the works are completed.

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