Cr Pahlke speaks about ‘Thunder Road’

STORY COURTESY OF Moreton Border News

 Cr David Pahlke, Co-Owner of Rosewood Hotel talks about The Film “Thunder Road” to
Co-Directors Deanno Brennan and Shaun Croaker  
TALKS are under way between Cr Dave Pahlke and Frog Brothers Films to have a film ‘Thunder Road’, filmed on location in Rosewood. “This is an exciting opportunity for this region that will offer locals the chance to be a part of the final production as extras. “And what a fabulous way of promoting our local area,” Cr Pahlke said.

Thunder Road is a fictional story written by Shaun Croaker. It captures the changing trends of the late 1950’s to 1960’s and the attitude of Australian youth of the time. “The story reflects all the elements of the turbulent era, where the birth of rock and roll and thee culture of American hot rodding had already infiltrated our society, not forgetting Australia’s own brand of cars,” Co-Director Deano Brennan said. The story follows the journey of two brothers, a girl and a local group of thugs who have been creating havoc for the town.

“The brothers have no choice but to take things into their own hands to try and rid the town of this bad element, the only way they know how – on the road,” Co-Director Shaun Croaker added. Deano said with a grin, “Thunder Road has something for everybody, from rock and roll, classic cars and hot rods, plenty of action and even a little romance for all you lovers out there.” The filming will be completed predominantly in and around Rosewood and will use locals. And they are seeking 1950’s clothes and memorabilia. “Keep an eye open in the Moreton Border News as we will be advertising shortly with details of how anyone who is interested can become involved,” Deano said. “We believe that what we’re embarking on with this feature length film will be Australia’s newest answer to the cult status of the likes of Mad Max.”

Cr Pahlke said that until now Rosewood has been the choice of location for scenes for movies and ads but this is the first time that Rosewood will be ‘the’ location for a full film. “These guys are keen to involve this community with a one day promo shoot planned at the stage for December while the full movie is planned at the stage to be filmed in March 2013. “This is an exciting opportunity and is likely to bring some very well-known Aussie actors into our town,” he said.

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