The Ipswich Motorway Upgrade Project involved a full upgrade of the existing motorway between Dinmore and Goodna (a length of 8km) to modern motorway standards.

The project is nearing completion some 6 months ahead of schedule at a cost of $1.7 billion ($200 million less than budgeted). The project was funded by the Federal Government and was delivered by the Origin Alliance which was a partnership between the Queensland Government (Department of Transport & Main Roads – DTMR), construction companies Abi Group, Fulton Hogan and Seymour Whyte and design companies SMEC and Parsons Brinkerhoff. Construction started in mid-2009 and involved 8 million man hours of work. At its peak, the project employed more than 1000 people and was the largest road construction project in Australia. ICC had a dedicated officer working with the Origin Alliance to ensure design and construction elements, community issues and road closure matters had local knowledge and technical input.

Project works included:
• Widening the carriageway from 4 to 6 lanes including emergency stopping lanes and provision for 8 lanes in the future (included laying 500,000 tonnes of asphalt);

• 26 new or rebuilt bridges;

• Improved design speed, grades and flood immunity;

• Rationalisation of interchanges at Riverview and Goodna;

• Longer on and off ramps at Dinmore, Redbank and Goodna;

• A system of service roads and link roads (including the Smiths Road Extension* linking Goodna with Redbank and the Monash Road Extension* providing future quality access for the Redbank Industrial Peninsula).

• Pedestrian and cyclist over/under passes at Goodna (x2), Redbank, Riverview (x2) and Dinmore;

• 26km of pedestrian pathways and cycle ways (including a ‘intercity’ commuter bikeway linking Wacol and Dinmore);

• Noise attenuation devices;

• Improved urban design and landscaping (about 1 million trees were planted);

• Improved direction signs and lighting

• Intelligent Traffic System including variable speed limit signs and motorist message signs; and

• Major remediation works on abandoned coal mines located under the motorway

* Partly funded by ICC

Project benefits include:
• A more reliable travel flow on the motorway;

• Significantly increase motorway capacity and traffic flow by reducing congestion for the future; increased flood immunity;

• A safer, easier crossing of the motorway for pedestrians;

• New and upgraded services roads separating local and regional traffic; and

• Greater safety along the motorway, with longer on and off ramps, which are more evenly spaced.

ICC officers are currently in discussions with DTMR about the ownership of the service and link roads and the rehabilitation of truck haul routes used by the Origin Alliance during construction. The project has been practically completed. To fully complete the project the following tasks need to be finalised:

• Finalise Lower James Street drainage pipe works

• Installation of final landscaping, lighting and street furniture

• Minor line marking and sign installation along service roads

• Construct / reconstruct several driveways and kerb ramps

• Clean out silt from drainage detention basins

• Electrical reticulation of some street lights and traffic signal communications

• Minor defect rectification works of some retaining walls, noise barriers, bridge abutments & detention basins

• Rehabilitation of the site office area

• Rehabilitation of construction haul routes

• Preparation of final survey plans and as constructed drawings

• Determine ownership and maintenance responsibility of service roads

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