Railway Lagoon is Officially Recognised

Qld Times 20.8.2012
Map Showing Location of Railway Lagoon, Grandchester

The State Government has formally named a well-known lagoon in Grandchester Park, West of Ipswich.

Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM) south region regional services director Wally Kearnan said Railway Lagoon has been officially added to the department’s place name database.

“The lagoon, which is approximately 200 metres long and has a permanent water feature, has been known for many years locally as Railway Lagoon due to its close proximity to Grandchester Railway Station,” Mr Kearnan said.

“However, until now, its name had not been formally recognised on the place name database.

“A public consultation process that began in August 2011 showed unanimous community support for the Railway Lagoon moniker, paving the way for its formal recognition.”

Mr Kearnan said DNRM administered the Place Names Act 1994, which provided processes for naming areas and geographical features.

“In addition to the community’s undivided support, research showed the lagoon had substantial historical significance,” Mr Kearnan said.

“The great explorer Allan Cunningham reportedly camped beside the lagoon in 1829 while searching for the source of the Brisbane River.

“Historical mapping records dating back to 1891 also confirm the lagoon’s existence and numerous publications and internet sites refer to Railway Lagoon.”

Visit www.derm.qld.gov.au to download copies of the plan showing the location of Railway Lagoon.

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