Works Chairsperson Cr Cheryl Bromage with Local Cr David Pahlkw on site at Mt Mort.

IPSWICH City Council has carried out work to address erosion concerns on a bridge at Mt Mort.

Division 10 Councillor David Pahlke said scour protection works were carried out during July on Spring Creek Bridge on Greys Plains Rd, Mt Mort. “These works were performed as part of council’s Bridge Rehabilitation Program at a cost of $50,000,” Cr Pahlke said. “Now that the bridge has been upgraded I am looking to rename it.

“One name under consideration is Lund Bridge in honour of the Lund family who live on the adjacent property.” Cr Pahlke said local residents of the area would welcome the work carried out on the bridge . “This provides a vital link into this area and the upgraded bridge will be better able to withstand the natural elements through the work carried out.”

City Infrastructure Committee Chairperson Councillor Cheryl Bromage said as the alignment of the previous culvert had directed water into the western bank, these works had included extra scour protection to the downstream bank. “This work will assist in preventing the erosion of the batters on the western side of the bridge in the future,” Cr Bromage said. “The construction of apron and minor protection works to the batters on the outlet of the culvert were included in the project. “These protection works involved rock mattresses being placed at the outlet of the culvert as well as along the banks of the creek.”

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