Free online service to show local mining activity

Minister for Natural Resources and Mines

The Honourable Andrew Cripps

Landholders and regional councils throughout Queensland now have free and easy access to information about exploration and mining activity in their local area.
Minister for Natural Resources and Mines Andrew Cripps today launched the new Local Area Mining Permit Report which will be available on the Queensland Government Business and Industry website. “This free online service will keep the community and regional councils fully informed about any mining and petroleum activities in their local area,” Mr Cripps said.
“Users can tailor their search for resource activity by local government boundary, an individual property using real property descriptions, or within 2 km of a property in their area.
“The service will generate a user-friendly Local Area Mining Permit Report, including maps, showing all applications or granted permits for mining exploration, production or infrastructure tenure in the area. “It will also highlight constrained land in the local area where resource activity may be limited, conditioned or prohibited. “The report will be easy to understand and emailed to the user as soon as possible.” Mr Cripps said the Local Area Mining Permit Report service addresses concerns by the broader community and local government about accessing information about resource development in Queensland.
“This free online service will provide greater transparency and certainty for the community about what exploration and resource permits have been applied for or granted in their local area. “It will also enable improved local government integration with resource activity within a regional council’s local boundaries.” “The State Government is determined to strike a fair balance between growing the mining and resources sector and protecting areas from inappropriate resource development,” he said. “This new online service tool takes us a step closer to achieving that b alance.”
The Local Area Mining Permit Report online service is available at:
For further information contact the Mines Online support desk on 07 3237 1640 or email
[ENDS] 17 August 2012
Media contact: Jane Paterson 0417 281 754 or Paul Sutherland 0409 891 342

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