Environmental Rehabilitaion Planting

Willhelm Lauenstein and Brent Potbury from Ipswich Boys Grammar join
Cr David Pahlke and Cr Bruce Casos in a recent environmental Rehabilitaion Planting.

SHOVELS and smiles were on display at the launch this morning of a new Ipswich City Council program designed to engage community members in environmental rehabilitation activities. Deputy Mayor Victor Attwood and Councillors David Pahlke and Bruce Casos joined 20 Ipswich Boys Grammar School students to plant the first trees at Wallaby Ware Park, one of the sites earmarked for rehabilitation as part of the Habitat Connections program.

Habitat Connections forms part of a structured and sustainable long-term rehabilitation works program. It’s all about inviting people to join us in the task of rehabilitating and reconnecting degraded urban bushland corridors. The program will further act as a catalyst for increased community engagement in planned events such as National Tree Day and Clean Up Australia Day.

The program incorporates environmental, social and nature-based recreation aspects, with a focus on waterway reserves and adjacent open spaces, to create inviting natural areas for walkers and cyclists. It was community involvement and the holistic nature of the program, which placed as much emphasis on connecting people as it did on reuniting habitat remnants, that really set Habitat Connections apart from other initiatives.

This program aims to boost community ownership and connections through corporate and community partnerships such as corporate volunteering days. Rehabilitation efforts in selected sites will concentrate on building ecosystem resilience through addressing issues such as storm water erosion and related issues of siltation and water quality.

Other issues to be tackled include weed infestation and general rubbish and waste.

Work will be undertaken on three sites in the 2012-13 financial year:

• Iron Pot Creek – including Wallaby Ware Park, Gregory Street Reserves 1 and 2, parts of Ipswich Grammar School and Drysdale Place Reserve;

• Deebing Creek – including Piccadilly Court Reserve, Deebing Creek Wildlife Corridor, Ugarapul Park, Paddington Reserve and Lloyd Park and;

• Bundamba Creek – Rotary Park, Thomas Purnell Park, Jack Barkley Park, Tite Family Park, Fail Park, Helen Street Reserve and David Street Reserve

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