Rosewood Youth Festival about to kick off!

The Rosewood shufflers Zan and Anthony

Rosewood shufflers Zac and Anthony again

Trainee Shufflers, Also Kate Toohey learning a few new moves

Upside down high flying at Rosewood Youth Festival
YOUNG people in Rosewood enjoyed a great day out on Friday July 6 when the Rosewood Youth Festival Was held at the Rosewood Skate Park (Bennett Street, Rosewood).

This tobacco, alcohol, and drug free event was organised by the Ipswich City Council and Young Life Australia to give Rosewood young people a day of fun during their school holidays where they can enjoy themselves in their local community and learn more about the services that support them in the local area.

Rosewood Skate Park is a fantastic local facility that is often a gathering spot for local youth. Councillor David Pahlke is enthusiastic about this festival for young people in his area. “The Rosewood Youth Festival was a great day for young people in the local community,” Cr Pahlke said.

“There was heaps of entertainment with a live DJ all day, local performers, arts and craft workshops and food and drink available. “I’m particularly thrilled that Young Life Australia, a respected youth charity, were right behind this festival. “Their volunteers do terrific work in the Ipswich community supporting our local young people through outreach and providing them with someone to talk to when they need it.”

Ipswich City Council Youth and Seniors Committee Chair Councillor Sheila Ireland praised the Festival organisers. “Ipswich City Council is passionate about building a positive future for young people in our community,” Cr Ireland said. “Through the work of Council, young people have access to a number of programmes to help them navigate this critical stage of life.

“The Rosewood Youth Festival is just one example of how the Council works hard every day in our community to support our young people and to provide them with fun activities, and the help they need. “I hope Rosewood young people and their families had a great day out.”

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