Ipswich  Railway  Station  1893  Floods

Marburg  Edmond  St  Looking  East – Hotel on left  January 2011  Floods

McMahons  Soft Drink Factory  January  1974 Floods

IPSWICH City Council has today officially launched a project to capture images of the January 2011 flood event.

The Picture Ipswich website would become a permanent repository for memories of the January 2011 flood event. The Picture Ipswich website will be the location for a community-based visual and audio record of the January 2011 flood event in Ipswich. The Picture Ipswich 2011 Flood Project has been made possible through funding provided under the Community Development and Recovery Package, which is a joint initiative of the Australian and Queensland Governments under the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements.

We thank the State and Federal governments for their contribution towards this important project. Photographs from the floods including scenes of the Ipswich Motorway, houses, streets, commercial buildings, the post-flood debris, the clean-up and the work of emergency services, individuals and volunteer groups will all be included on the Picture Ipswich site.

The Picture Ipswich 2011 Flood Project will ensure an accessible record of experiences and images of a significant event in the history of the city are available to the local and global community. Launched in 2008 by council through the Ipswich Library and Information Service, the Picture Ipswich website – – is a collection of more than 4500 records including historical images, films, documents and oral histories of people and places in Ipswich.

Ipswich City Council Tourism and Libraries Committee Chairperson Councillor David Pahlke said Picture Ipswich provided a unique insight into the local history of Ipswich and was the ideal location to preserve a record of the January 2011 flood event for the future. “The Picture Ipswich website already contains a wealth of images, documents, videos and oral records of the history of Ipswich and the flood images from January 2011 will add to this historical collection.”

Cr Pahlke said the Picture Ipswich website was already home to images of past floods within the region, such as the 1974 event, so it was fitting for the latest images to also be featured there. “With the January 2011 flood a significant event in the history of the city, this project will ensure that a comprehensive record is captured. “Of particular interest is the large volume of information and images available compared to that of the 1974 event, largely due to the advent of portable technologies such as smart phones and digital cameras.“

Cr Pahlke said an added benefit of these new technologies was the ability to include oral stories as part of the Picture Ipswich Flood 2011 Project and the library had recorded the stories of locals involved with the floods as a key part of the project. “Members of the Rural Fire Service at Ripley and Mt Forbes and the Moores Pocket Flood Support and Karalee Community Group are among the groups to be interviewed for this project. “By recording the 2011 flood event, a lasting record is created not only of the event, but of the experiences and stories of the people involved and affected.”

Inquiries about Picture Ipswich can be directed to council’s digital archivist on 3810 7272.

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