Cr Pahlkes Movies in the Park



Story courtesy of MB News

FAMILY groups gathered at Rosewood’s Tom Lenihan Park last Saturday night to enjoy a night at the movies, courtesy of Ipswich City Council and the Ipswich Hospital Foundation.

Cr Dave Pahlke said the night was a great success with around 150 attending to view ‘Rio’.

“I wanted to have a movie night in Rosewood, as previously we have held two in Walloon and the park here lends itself perfectly to a movie night because of the amphitheatre shape.

“It was just great to see families rocking up with their chairs, blankets and food and ready to sit back and enjoy the night.”

The evening kicked off with an aerobics session and Car Pahlke also launched the ‘Blue Shirts Friends of Division 10’.

The Blue Shirts are a group of local residents who become advocates for the rural and township areas that make up division 10. Membership in the group is by invitation, but Cr Pahlke says he would like to hear from anyone interested in joining the group.

“They will act as an advisory and supportive group linking the communities and assisting in the promotion and running of a variety of events and activities, including things like chat times, movie nights and more major events such as the activities during the Q150 celebrations.

The movie night is one that Cr Pahlke would like to make an annual event.

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