Back L-R – School Captain: Brody Schultz Vice School Captain: Hayden Schultz
Vice School Captain: Elizabeth Boughen Sports Captain: James Dwyer Sports Captain: Jai McGarrigal
Front L-R – Class Captain P-3: Hayley Keats Student Council President: Thomas Broad Class
Captain 4-7: Bailey Grogan

SCHOOL leaders at local schools are stepping up to the plate, taking on the responsibilities of their leadership roles and setting an example for their fellow students. At Haigslea State School parents were part of the ceremony of inducting the school leadership team, invited to pin the badges on their children. School Captain Brody Schultz read the leadership pledge and those who accepted roles then signed the pledge, committing themselves to setting a positive role model for other students.

Principal Janet Smith spoke to the school body on the importance of leaderships roles and the need for the school community to support their leaders as they filled their roles. Cr Pahlke was also on hand to congratulate the students.

(Haigslea Leaders Awards held on 29.2.2012 BEFORE 10.3.2012)

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