QLD URBAN UTILITIES (QUU) Rosewood projects

QUU CEO Ian Maynard and Cr David Pahlke at site of Rosewood Water Reservoir

Rosewood residents will benefit from three Queensland Urban Utilities infrastructure upgrade projects over the next 12 months.

Firstly, the roof of the Rosewood Reservoir was replaced last month (November 2011) to ensure the structure continues to meet all operating and environmental requirements and continues to provide high quality drinking water to customers in the area. Secondly, an upgrade of the Rosewood Sewage Treatment Plant will increase its capacity by more than 30 percent. This will improve the efficiency of the plant and will ensure it can handle any future population growth in the Rosewood area. This project will be completed in December 2012. And thirdly the Rosewood School Street Sewage Pumping Station will be upgraded to increase its capacity and ensure it continues to cater for population growth. This upgrade will also reduce the risk of wet weather overflows and will take place in 2012.

In addition, Queensland Urban Utilities next month (January 2012) will roll out a trial program to around 45 Rosewood property owners aimed at preventing surface water from entering the sewerage network. Infiltration of stormwater into sewer drains has long been recognised as a problem for sewage treatment infrastructure and can cause sewers to overflow.

Rosewood residents who take up the offer will have a cap, instead of an open grate, fitted free of charge by a licensed plumber to their Overflow Relief Gullies. This cap will prevent stormwater from running into the sewerage system via this entry point.

The Rosewood infrastructure upgrade works are part of a $170 million investment program by Queensland Urban Utilities across the Ipswich region in 2011-12.

Queensland Urban Utilities Chief Executive Officer Ian Maynard said the investment in Ipswich would maintain the current high service standards for existing customers, as well as laying the groundwork for the expected strong population growth across the city. “Queensland Urban Utilities is committed to ensuring the long-term sustainability and efficiency of Ipswich’s water and sewerage infrastructure,’’ Mr Maynard said.

Ipswich City Council’s rural Councillor David Pahlke welcomed the investment into vital infrastructure for Rosewood and the Ipswich Western Rail Corridor. “There are some 4,000 blocks of land lodged with Council or on the drawing boards over the next 20 years and upgrades like these are essential to ensure we keep pace with that growth.”

The investment program will provide increased water and sewerage services for the city’s growth suburbs along with renewal and upgrade works to existing infrastructure that has serviced parts of the city for more than 50 years. Customers with general or billing enquiries should telephone Queensland Urban Utilities’ Customer Contact Centre on 13 26 57. This line is staffed from 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday.

For emergencies, including reporting a burst water main or a sewage overflow, or for after hours and weekend enquiries, Queensland Urban Utilities recommends customers call the 24-hour Faults and Emergencies Line on 13 23 64.

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