Friends of Division 10

Cr David Pahlke with the ‘FRIENDS OF DIVISION 10’
The Friends of Division 10 have finally been formed as a Friendship and Advocacy Group for Township and Country areas of Ipswich.
Cr Pahlke has stated it has been an aim for some years to form such a group.
Below is the draft criteria for the group…  
– A group of individuals supporting the Division 10 Electorate office and the Division 10 Community of ICC. The group is a voluntary group with no membership fee. Involvement is by invitation.
– Shall encompass an advisory and supportive role linking the community. To assist the Division 10 Office in promoting Council activities throughout the community
 Eg, Chat Times
 Movies in the Park
 Street Meets
 Community Morning Teas
 Various community functions and Greets
 Rosewood Festival
– To assist in promoting special projects and events
Eg, I150
Commonwealth Games
Musical or cultural events. To be a conduit for thoughts ideas and feedback generated in the Division 10 Community
–  The  Friends of  Division  10 is not formed specifically to raise funds but;
Cr Pahlke will personally fund  morning teas,  t-shirts and other promotional materials for the group.
The Friends  may decide to become involved in a charity fund raising project of their own accord.
The Friends may decide to specifically raise funds for a specific pet project. The resources of Division 10 office are available to the group for community activities.
Eg, Photocopying
– Some friends may seek opportunities to acquire computer skills and minor clerical experience which the office will only to be too happy to assist or support.

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