From Antony Greens’ ABC QLD Election Website 18.12.2011

“The last election was held on 21 March 2009 so the end of March would be a normal three year term. The last possible date is 16 June but that is produced by the Governor issuing the writs under the constitution after the parliament expires rather than at the request of the Premier, and also requires a campaign of more than seven weeks. Neither of those events is going to happen so the election will be held earlier, mid-May at the latest. John Howard went beyond 3-years election to election in 2001 and 2007 without the world ending.

The election will almost certainly be late February or March, which may require the issue of a regulation deferring the local government elections currently set for 31 March. If the government is going to defer the local government elections, it would have to be done before the designated local government campaign period and would have to be done while announcing the state election date, which would make an election in March most likely.”

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