Poetry Slammer: David Stavanger
POETS, hip hop freestylers and word maestros are invited to take the microphone when the annual Woodford Folk Festival ‘Wordfood Slam’ returns to Ipswich for a special competition heat on November 24.
Tourism and Libraries Committee Chairperson Councillor David Pahlke said Queensland slam master David “Ghostboy” Stavanger will host the night from 6.30pm at The Squealing Pig (Federal Hotel), Ipswich.  “The Ipswich Poetry Feast is pleased to support this event which is the only Wordfood slam heat to be held in south east Queensland outside of the actual Woodford Folk Festival,” Cr Pahlke said.
“Slam poetry is a live spoken word competition covering all forms, such as poetry, hip hop, theatre and more, and is open to anyone who would like to give it a try.   “Each person “slams” their words for two minutes to a live audience among whom five are selected to score each poet’s work.   “The audience at a slam has the freedom to respond as art happens. This is poetry unlike anything you’ve seen before.”
The Ipswich heat will also feature performances by Ghostboy and renowned Brisbane singer Skye Staniford.  Cr Pahlke said Queensland was now home to an active slam poetry movement led by Ghostboy who won the prestigious Performance Poetry World Cup in 2005 and was runner-up in 2007.   “He is currently working hard to establish himself as one of Australia’s most innovative performance and spoken word artists,” he said.  “Ghostboy is also the co-ordinator of two of the nation’s biggest slam events in the Australian Poetry Slam (Queensland heats and final) and the WordFood slam and spoken word showcase that is held as part of the Woodford Folk Festival.
“Ipswich has hosted a heat leading up to the WordFood slam at the Woodford Folk Festival each year since 2006.  “We are keen wherever possible to encourage and support all forms of poetry and this event is just another way for the Ipswich Poetry Feast to promote literary expression and showcase the talents of local residents.”  The Ipswich heat will be held at The Squealing Pig (Federal Hotel) at 214 Brisbane Street, Ipswich.
Only the first 16 people to sign-up from 6.30pm can compete in the slam heat which commences at 7pm.  The top four performers will go through to represent Ipswich at the final at the Woodford Folk Festival on New Year’s Eve, where they will compete for $1000 and the perpetual slam trophy.
Prizes for the Ipswich heat are:
1st place: $100 cash, a trophy and a season pass to the Woodford Folk Festival valued at $450.
2nd and 3rd places: New Year’s Eve pass to the Woodford Folk Festival.

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