Cr David Pahlke with Electorate Officer Cheryl Bowman and office trainees Jade O’Loughlin and Codee Hilton

Bushranger David Pahlke protecting his three sisters at the Cobb & Co launch, 9th October 2011

Master reinsman Bob Edwards and Rodney Statham taking the coach around Rosewood

Master reinsman Bob Edwards and Rodney Statham taking the coach around Rosewood

Master reinsman Bob Edwards and Rodney Statham taking the coach around Rosewood
Taking a step back in time has been the key to the development of Rosewood Community Park. Looking back at a time when people and goods were moved around and through the area by horse and carriage has seen the Cobb and Co links to the region immortalised.
A replica Cobb and Co Coach is the centrepiece of the redevelopment and our mining history will be recognised in a later stage of the park development. Last Sunday was a time to gather and celebrate the first stage and discuss the naming of the park. Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale, Cr David Pahlke and Federal Member for Blair Shayne Neumann all spoke at the official opening.

The trio recognised the need for towns to have icons that attracted tourists to the area and give businesses something to build on. “We have in Rosewood now an iconic piece of infrastructure that will bring tourists with local businesses now needing to consider how they can best use this to their advantage,” he said. The day was also a chance for locals to enjoy a ride in the coach. Drawn by five horses, the coach was an impressive sight moving through the streets of Rosewood under the capable hands of drivers Rod Statham and Bob Edwards. Cr Pahlke also asked those in attendance to suggest a name for the community space, while Cr Pisasale said no matter what it is named, he is sure people will end up calling it Cobb and Co Park.
The coach site is a part of the Cobb and Co Tourist Drive which starts at the Workshops Rail Museum in Ipswich and finishes at the Cobb and Co Museum in Toowoomba. The coach was funded with an $83,500 grant from the Federal Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government through the Regional and Local Community Infrastructure program. “We are very proud to be part of this project that will attract drive tourism through and into this area,” Mr Neumann said.
The coach is housed in a specially constructed glassed display area, aimed to keep vandals out while allowing people to view the coach, which is lit at night, creating a real centrepiece to the township. Cr Pahlke said the coach may be used during special events and festivals across Ipswich, offering people the chance to experience a ride in a horse drawn coach.
Passengers and mail were transported from Ipswich by railway to Grandchester which was the end of the rail line at that time. They were then picked up by a Cobb and Co coach to continue their journey from Grandchester to Toowoomba by road. The park will be formally named in the next few weeks with two more stages to complete. Cr Pahlke said in this stage there is still the formal naming of the space to be decided upon and the name placed on the front concrete entry wall.
In the next stages, over five years, there will be more shade and seating, eight car parks, an enhanced play area and landscaping and a miners ‘Walk of Fame’. The complete refurbishment is predicted to cost in the vicinity of $1.2million. “The Walk of Fame will be the finaly stage and I am hopeful that this will include a variety of mining artefacts, placed along a walkway including a statue of a traditional miner. “We have some fantastic public spaces across Ipswich and I am very proud that this particular park is one that will give Rosewood a focal point to build on,” he said.
Story courtesy of the Moreton Border News.


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