Ipswich City Council has won the 2011 Queensland Sustainable Cities Award judged by Keep Australia Beautiful.

Making the announcement today, KAB Queensland CEO, Rick Burnett, said Ipswich City and surrounds was the outstanding entry among our larger cities that competed for this award. “It is particularly pleasing to note the incredible hardship and rebuilding that Ipswich City Council has faced this year – the year of disaster in Queensland,” Burnett said.

“It is really true that out of adversity comes inspiration, and Ipswich has shown great leadership in developing programs and projects that will reduce their carbon footprint and improve sustainability for the next generation. “This has been achieved during a phase of intense damage and recovery after the January floods. It is testament to the spirit of the whole community.”
Apart from winning the overall title, Ipswich City Council also took out the category of Heritage and Culture, for its work on preserving more than 7000 sites of historical significance, and for the Ipswich Art Gallery which is the most visited regional gallery in Australia. Ipswich City Council also won the Young Legends category, for the involvement of the Ipswich Youth Advisory Council, and a unique school-based education program – called “What a Waste” about sustainability concepts.
Ipswich will now be judged in the National Sustainable Cities Awards due to be assessed later this month.

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