Rod Statham Local Coach Driver and Cr David Pahlke with Robert Palmer from the Parks Department

Rod Statham Local Coach Driver and Cr David Pahlke with Robert Palmer from the Parks Department inspecting the horseshoe that was found on site

The new Cobb & Co sign

Story and photos courtesy of MBnews

Rosewood Community Park is on target and on budget to be open by the end of August , just in time for the Rosewood Festival. Last week Cr Pahlke took a look at the site, which is still under construction, talking to the Project Manager about the work. This is one of the most exciting projects Rosewood has seen in a while, giving the township a real centre of focus,” he said. Previously the park was enclosed with a fence, the new look park will feature an open look with a sandstone feature name plaque on the corner.
Pride of place will be the replica Cobb and Coach and harness on display in a specifically built structure, with an interactive history of Cobb and Co and the park itself. That history was further added to during the excavation process with workers finding an old horseshoe, at a depth of around 300mm. Construction Project Officer Rob Palmer said that find was an interesting one as it looks as though the horseshoe has been in a fire. Cr Pahlke was quick to point out that there was a hotel on the site many years ago that did burn down. Also on site was Tallegalla’s Rod Statham, one of the coach drivers when the coach is accessed for parades and special events who is recognised for his knowledge of heavy horses.
“I would think this shoe would have belonged to a small draught horse possibly from the 1910 or 1920 era,” he said. Rod said the shoe is blacksmith made and has the rolled toe that was typical of that era. The park has three stages to the makeover and the first stage is about the front entrance area. “The first stage has cost around $400,000, which includes design and construction costs,” Cr Pahlke said.
“The coach and harness alone cost $100,000, but fortunately for us this was funded through a Federal Tourism grant. My thanks to the Federal Member for Blair Shayne Neumann”
He said when the first stage is complete later this month residents can expect to see the stage coach under lights, new seating, a modern entrance, garden beds and a flagpole. In later stages there will be a carpark and mining display.
“The real challenge now is what name will be given to the park,” Cr Pahlke said. “I have already asked for some feedback on a suitable park name and the one thing I am hearing is that the word ‘community’ should be kept.” He said the names such as Rosewood Town (or Community) Square, Rosewood Cobb and Co Community (or Town) Square and Cobb and Co Town (or community) Square have all been suggested so far.”I invite people to make contact with my officer or myself with their suggestions,” he said.
Cr Pahlke is also keen to hear from anyone who has memories or photos of the Community Park in the earlier days.

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