I ain’t afraid of no ghosts

CR DAVID PAHLKE – Looking for the Ghosts/Spirits of Ipswich
(Photo and Story Courtesy of the Queensland Times)
Saturday 18th June, 2011
If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, who ya gonna call?
Forget Ghostbusters. Pick up the phone and give Ipswich City Councillor David Pahlke a call. Cr Pahlke – the council’s Tourism and Libraries Committee chair – said many of Ipswich’s heritage buildings and landmarks were reportedly home to ghosts. With the aim of eventually putting out a Ghosts of Ipswich tourism brochure the spooky side of the city’s history, Cr Pahlke wants residents to send him their ghost stories.
“Ghosts fascinate people,” Cr Pahlke said.
“I certainly want to hear from people about any ghost stories in Ipswich anywhere, any continuing ones that are going on so we can start logging them, researching them and talking about them.
“Somewhere down the path we might put the top 10 ghosts of Ipswich into a brochure.”
Cr Pahlke – who owns a pub in Rosewood that is reputedly haunted said he was looking for ghost sightings that have a good story behind them.
“I want to see what this flushes out,” he said.
“I always look for the logical explanation, but it is when you can’t find the logical explanation that you put that aside and say there might be something there.”
A local history blog developed by the Ipswich Library and Information Service is also helping to uncover the ghosts of Ipswich’s spooky past. The story of the ghost that supposedly haunts the Old Flour Mill is just one of many recorded by the online blog, “By the Bremer: Memories of Ipswich”, which was launched in May 2010 as part of the city’s 150th anniversary celebrations. The site has been visited by more than 3500 visitors and library officers have created 56 new posts during the past 12 months, with numerous comments received from the community in response.
If you have a ghost story for Cr Pahlke, call him on 0419 705 356 or email DPahlke@ipswich.qld.gov.au

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