City footbridge named in honour of iconic bridge builder

John Bradfield, the engineer responsible for Brisbane’s Story Bridge and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, has finally had a river crossing named after him.
In August, Ipswich City Council honoured the former resident of the city by naming the new pedestrian bridge between Riverlink Shopping Centre and Ipswich City Square the Bradfield Bridge.
Ipswich mayor Paul Pisasale and Planning and Development committee chairperson Cr Paul Tully said the name was chosen after receiving significant feedback from the community.
“John Bradfield was born in Sandgate in 1867 and educated at North Ipswich State School and Ipswich Grammar School before his academic and engineering career allowed him to take on the most significant and visionary infrastructure projects of their time,” Cr Pisasale said.
“The Bradfield Bridge will quickly become a vital part of the city’s infrastructure.”
Cr Paul Tully said it was important to have a well connected city centre.
“As the population grows and the network of bikeways and footpaths extends, Ipswich Central is destined to become the major regional business and recreational centre of the western corridor.
“The new Bradfield Bridge will give pedestrians a safer river crossing which will provide all-weather protection, improved safety and a shorter route than via the David Trumpy Bridge.
“It is not commonly known that Bradfield was previously acknowledged for his bridge building prowess with the naming of the southern approach road and all traffic lanes of the Story Bridge, and the road traffic lanes of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Both are officially named the Bradfield Highway.
“The new Bradfield Bridge in Ipswich is the first bridge to carry his name,” Cr Tully said.

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