150 years of Lutheran worship in Ipswich

A ceremony has been conducted at the Haigslea Lawn Cemetery to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Lutheran worship in the Ipswich area.
A plaque was unveiled at the Cemetery to mark the anniversary, and to serve as a memorial to the original St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, which once stood beside the Cemetery.

The plaque was funded by the Rosewood St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church congregration and was primarily organised by congregation member Robert Krause, whose family attended the original Haigslea church.
The Blessing of the Plaque was conducted by Ipswich Pastor Tim Jarick and Rosewood Pastor Robin Hoffmann.
Neville Bork provided the musical backing on his piano accordion for the singing of the two hymns “Now Thank We All Our God” and “Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty.”
The Ipswich City Council also had a presence at the ceremony, and Councillor David Pahlke’s own East Prussion ancestry was a point of interest, considering the local ‘Walloon Scrub’ area was settled by German farmers in the 1860s.
Download this timeline
of the local Lutheran Parish history for more information.

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