Amnesty on library books

A BOOK five years overdue was just one of the many books, CDs and DVDs handed back to Ipswich library branches during the recent amnesty.

Tourism and Libraries Committee Chairperson Councillor David Pahlke said the Ipswich Library and Information Service held an amnesty in July to encourage library borrowers to return overdue books, DVDs and CDs without embarrassment or penalties.

“When patrons do not return library books on time, it is frustrating to other borrowers who may be waiting on those items,” he said.

“The amnesty operated across all library branches, including the mobile library, during July, with 1,217 long overdue items returned without penalty. “Library patrons can borrow items from the collection for four weeks and overdue fines only apply if materials are not returned by the due date.

“Thank you to all residents who supported the amnesty by searching their homes for materials they may have previously overlooked. “The return of these valuable resources puts them back in circulation for others to enjoy and I encourage people to keep doing the right thing.

“Instead of library patrons feeling embarrassed about having overdue items, we would rather they come in and feel good about returning these resources to the library,” Cr Pahlke said.

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