Where was Rosewood’s majestic theatre located?

PHOTO: BEAUTIFUL OLD MAJESTIC THEATRE ROSEWOOD Circa Late 1920s Note the Films of the day being advertised

Recently 20 years worth of copies of the Rosewood Register 1913-1939 came into my care. (But that is a different story again). In one of those papers it advertises Pictureland in Rosewood It has initiated some debate and research on the locations of all the Picture Theatres that used to be in Rosewood early last century.

At first I thought this photo was the old Laundromat site John Street opposite the Middle Pub. In the Brisbane Courier 31 October 1933 there is an account of a Rosewood Fire which destroyed the Royal Hotel and shops on the opposite side and the Majestic Theatre caught fire, but were saved by the local bucket brigade.

The Royal is obviously todays Royal George, so this puts the Majestic near or where Georges Garage is today. It would appear that the theatre which burnt down opposite the Rosewood Hotel was the Pictureland and the one opposite the now Royal George was the Majestic. Accounts of the day in the Brisbane Courier of community meetings at the Majestic dont get mentioned until August 1927

My thanks to Jennette Naylor for assistance in this research. And of course we will stand corrected as more information comes to hand .

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