Rosewood District Protection Organisation’s 100th nature walk

PHOTO: Presenting the Certificate to celebrate 100 walks – Cr Pahlke with Noted Bird authority Graham Leach, President RDPO Paul Kennedy, Member Doug Nemeth and local tree expert, Arnold Rieck on Saturday 7th August

The Rosewood District Protection Organisation (RDPO) celebrated their 100th Nature Walk recently, at the Cabanda Rail Siding off Rosemount Lane. RDPO had its genesis in the heady days of the New Hope/Oaleigh Court Case early this decade. At that time there were major concerns expressed by residents concerning a proposed mine extension along with the closure of Urry Road Ashwell.

So much has evolved and changed since those days. New Hope Coal now meet every few months with RDPO and other community groups to discuss coal mining issues. In fact there has been a dramatic turnaround in relationships with the mining giant and the community. Not absolutely perfect, but our congratulations need to go to the mining company.

RDPO intend to compile a listing of all those members over the last 10 years who have contributed to their community role. I will then get that listing tabled in Council to ensure it is kept on record for future reference. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! to all involved with RDPO. Over 2000 people have now been on those nature walks which often average over 20 in attendance. 50 Different trails have been logged. And what a morning tea at the end of it. They have become quite famous for the quantity and those delicious scones.
PAUL KENNEDY 54644096 0433705942

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