New tree clearing guidelines take effect in Ipswich


Cr Pahlke and
Cr Tully inspect Bushland in the Pine Mountain area

LAND owners in Ipswich should familiarise themselves with recent changes to the Ipswich Planning Scheme affecting vegetation management, which took effect on June 28 after being adopted by council.

The amendments to council’s vegetation clearing controls included more detailed provisions for clearing land within the City of Ipswich. These changes provide clearer guidelines for land owners about what clearing activities are permissible under the Ipswich Planning Scheme and land owners should take care when undertaking clearing to comply with these provisions.

The vegetation clearing controls were designed to protect the amenity of the community and the local environment and assist in the retention of native vegetation.

Ipswich City Council has some of the most comprehensive vegetation clearing controls and protection measures in South-East Queensland. These measures range from broad strategic directions underpinning the Ipswich Planning Scheme to detailed requirements that regulate and control the development process.”

Clearing activities in rural production areas would not be affected by the proposed amendments.
Council had undertaken the review of the vegetation management and clearing controls across the whole of the city as a result of expressed community concerns about vegetation clearing, particularly within the rural living areas.

The provisions provide the ability to clear vegetation associated with necessary bushfire management purposes. In most other instances clearing will be limited with land owners unable to clear more than half a hectare of native vegetation within any five year period.
Proposals to clear more than half a hectare would trigger the need for a development application in most zones. Council has prepared a fact sheet to provide an easy reference guide for local land owners.

This fact sheet is available via council’s web site at or contact my Rosewood office on 54641088

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