3,000 native seedlings thriving at Purga Nature Reserve

PHOTO: Cr David Pahlke and Cr Cheryl Bromage on site at Purga with Powerlinks Greenworks Manager Bronwyn Ford and Environmental Stratgegies Manager Steve Martin

More than 3,000 native seedlings at Purga Nature Reserve are faring well despite below Freezing temperatures and frosts being recorded across the region over the past few weeks.

The seedlings planted as part of the Powerlink GreenWorks Riparian Rehabilitation of Purga Nature Reserve project were officially inspected this week by Ipswich City Council Councillors Cr Cheryl Bromage and Cr David Pahlke and Powerlink Environmental Strategies Manager Steve Martin. The site visit coincided with the unveiling of the project sign to mark the ‘green’ works which aim to revegetate and enhance the corridor between the Purga Nature Reserve and Flinders-Goolman Conservation Estate.

The hardy varieties of Queensland blue gum, matrush, wattle and weeping bottle brush were planted in April this year to improve the water quality of Purga Creek, the condition of the creek bank and provide habitat for wildlife such as koalas and wallabies.

Although the first winter is expected to be the seedlings’ toughest, additional care and attention is being provided to offer the best chance of survival including a heavy cover of sugarcane mulch and regular topping-up and inspections by Ipswich City Council staff.

The Powerlink GreenWorks program, initiated by the State’s high voltage electricity provider, Powerlink Queensland, is being implemented in partnership with the Lockyer Valley, Somerset, South Burnett and Toowoomba Regional Councils and Ipswich City Council. The program aims to provide positive, lasting environmental outcomes and improve visual amenity in areas in the vicinity of Powerlink’s future 500kV powerline easements in Southern Queensland.

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