New landfill gas generators for Ti Tree Willowbank

PHOTO: With Cr David Pahlke, WAG Executive George Hatchman and Ian Dainer, and Hugh Wright from Veolia

RENEWABLE electricity from new landfill-gas generators at a Willowbank facility will be used to power Queensland’s electricity network.

Council has approved an application for the installation of further electricity generators at the Ti Tree BioEnergy Waste Management Facility. The Champions Way facility already operated two landfill gas fuelled electricity generators on the 212.9ha site.

These generators play a vital role in capturing methane gas from the decomposing waste at the landfill and converting it into useable energy. Council had now given its approval for the installation of another four generators on the Willowbank site.

These new generators will help to convert more of the rubbish taken to this landfill into a useable energy source. Currently the site is producing 2.1 mega watts of power per hour and this will increase over the next 12 months with the addition of the new generators to 3.3 mega watts per hour. Once fully commissioned, would capture a further 34,600 equivalent tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions (tCO2-e) each year.

These generators capture landfill gas around the clock and convert it into a renewable energy source providing a strong environmental return. The initial two generators had been operating on the Willowbank site since September 5, 2008.

Since that time, these generators have captured a total of 154,000 tCO2-e of greenhouse gases and produced 22,500 mega watts of electricity. The new generators approved by council will help to turn more of the emissions from the landfill site into something which benefits the community.

The Ti Tree Bio Energy facility is a wholly owned Joint venture between two leading environmental services providers, Veolia Environmental Services and JJ Richards & Sons.

We all produce waste and it has got to go somewhere. The facility at Ti Tree is a good example of responsible environmental management with a positive outcome.

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