Noxious Blister Zone proposed for Ebenezer/Mt Forbes

MAP OF THE Proposed BLISTER ZONE Shaded Area Northern Boundary is Goebels Rd – Southern Boundary Sugarloaf Rd. The proposed Buffer Northern Boundary  isTea Tree Ave – the southern boundary Feldahn Rd. Ring my office for a copy of the map 54641088

This is the letter that was sent out to residents from the QLD STATE GOVERNMENT. You will hear more of this ….much much more!!!!!!!!!!!!

Queensland Government
Department of Infrastructure and Planning
63 George Street PO Box 15009
City East Queensland 4002
Telephone +61 7 3227 8548
Facsimile +61 7 3224 4683

Our ref:

15 April 2010


Dear Mr …………,
Industrial Land Planning Study for South East Queensland

I am writing to advise you that the State Government, through the Department of Infrastructure and Planning (DIP) is conducting an industrial land planning and development program across South East Queensland (SEQ). This program is intended to ensure there is sufficient industrial land available to meet the State’s strategic and economic needs into the future and to ensure the day to day needs of the forecast population growth are met.

As part of DIP’s program, it has been investigating the supply of industrial land for the full range of uses for the next 50 years, including land for large footprint, difficult to locate and high impact industries.

The study is necessary to manage the economic and employment needs of SEQ’s predicted population growth and inform future government decision making.

As part of this study, a number of sites are currently being investigated, including land immediately south of the Ebenezer/Willowbank Enterprise Opportunity Area, and preliminary research indicates your property is within one kilometre of the area under investigation.

Please note that DIP is in the initial stages of its investigation and that no decisions will be made regarding final locations until public consultation and further land suitability investigations have occurred.

Community issues, concerns and desires will influence the development of the study, and engineering, traffic, environmental, geographic and hydrological findings will be considered in identifying and assessing the potential of these investigation areas for future industrial development.

It is intended to carry out the investigations over the next six months. Completion of this work will help to determine the suitability of the investigation area for various industry types.

No decisions regarding the potential future use of the land within the investigation area will be made prior to concluding the investigation.

Should you have any further questions regarding the study please contact Mr Ian Hart, Manager, ESQ Industrial Land Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development, DIP, on 3406 7939 or email

We look forward to keeping you informed as this important study progresses.

Yours sincerely

Geoff Dickie
Deputy Coordinator-General
Infrastructure and Economic Development Group

(Ian Hart 0432 005 246)

One Comment on “Noxious Blister Zone proposed for Ebenezer/Mt Forbes

  1. In spite of a small corner of our property being in the proposed Buffer zone, we have never received this letter from the Government!. Since learning of this “Investigation” we wrote to the Minister – Stirling Hinchliffe, Ian Hart, Manager SEQ Industrial Land Planning etc. and of course have received NO reply from anyone. We are of course TOTALLY opposed to this “High Impact Industrial Land” plan (read Noxious, Offensive and hazardous Industries) for our district.Thank you David for informing us of these happenings! Elizabeth Hennoste, Mt Forbes


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