Cr David Pahlke is Marburg State School’s Principal for a day

1. Cr Pahlke Reading to the Grades 4-7
2. Cr Pahlke, Principal Belinda Grose, Prep-Gr3 Teacher Marissa Tindale and students
 As part of State Education Week Business and Community Leaders are various schools all around the state had a chance to experience the operations of a state school. Cr Pahlke was invited by the school to interact with students and teaching staff to gain an insight into the working day of a state school
Cr Pahlke survived and commented:
” I was so looking forward to the day. I was able to talk basically one on one and to groups of various grades ranging from Prep Grade 1 to 7. I quickly realized that some grades have limited attention spans and as a teacher you do need to be different, involving, and at the some time passing on an education to all.
I loved the interaction with the kids and it was amazing to see the how much they loved their teachers also”.

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