Historic hoop pine gets a haircut

The Hoop Pine (Araucaria cunninghamii) at 7-9 John St which sits besides the entrance to the Ipswich City Council carpark recently got a haircut.

Much of the timber on top of the tree had been stripped of vegetation and there were various dead branches 40 metres in the air off the ground. It is a common site to see White Cockatoos and other birdlife making the most of their lofty perch late in the afternoon beside the National Bank.

This Hoop Pine is the largest single remaining Hoop Pine in the Rosewood Township and is believed to be just over 130 years old. This puts planting in the very early 1870s when the townships main street was originally gazetted for the township.

The tree was declared on the 14.12.2000 and listed as VP0001 – The first very first to be listed on Councils special tree registrar.

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