Willowbank residents meet with Council to discuss B-Doubles using Coopers Road

PHOTO: Nearby residents of Coopers Rd Willowbank meet with the Mayor, Cr David Pahlke and State Member for Lockyer Ian Rickuss 23.5.2010
Ipswich Council received an application from Chemtrans to run 3 X 25 metre B Doubles per week from the Cunningham Highway along Coopers Rd to the old Ebenezer Mining Site. Chemtrans delivers Amonium Nitrate to Mezurx who manufacturer explosives for the Mining Industry.
Historically the previous Moreton Shire Council HAD ALWAYS protected this route from any coal mining haul route traffic. A Similar B Double application was refused in 1998 by the current Ipswich City Council citing the state of the road and the residents amenity as reasons for refusal. Approval was not granted at that time.
Council is not the approving authority. The below recommendation was adopted by FULL COUNCIL on Monday 24th May and will be conveyed to DTMR (Dept of Transport and Main Roads) Residents if they had a choice would say no to the application. Council has conveyed those concerns to DTMR along with a list of conditions that residents say will minimise the
affect on their amenity


(A) That the report be received and noted

(B) That DTMR be advised that Council wishes to highlight the deep concerns expressed
by residents in the Willowbank/Ebenezer area against the approval of the application.

(C) That DTMR be advised that Council wishes to advise that a similar application was rejected
by this Council in 1998 citing the amenity of residents and the existing pavement conditions on
Coopers Road.

(D) That should DTMR so chose to approve the application, Council feels it fair and reasonable to apply the following conditions on any approval.
(i) Council does not support an “as of right” B-Double route being created along Coopers Rd
(ii) The approval is restricted to an annual permit only with a total review each three years.
(iii) The operation be restricted to 3 movements each way per week Monday to Saturday
(iv) The operation not to be performed during the hours of 6-9am and 3-6pm
(v) The operation is not use “engine brakes” along Coopers Rd
(vi) The operation is to strictly adhere to the posted speed limits
(vii)The operation must remain wholly within the lane of travel when entering or exiting Coopers Road at the Cunningham Highway Intersection
(viii)Council reserves the right to request DTMR to cancel the permit should legitimate safety or operational issues be identified with the operation
(ix) Council reserves the right to request DTMR to cancel the permit should there be clear evidence of continued breaches of the conditional approval
(x) That Council may request from time to time evidence through DTMR that aspects of the approval are being complied with eg. Logbook evidence showing truck movements
(xi) That the entrance point off Coopers Rd into the delivery point be an approved entrance point built to DTMR standard for this operation
(xii) Any approval issued by DTMR is based on the premise that Chemtrans is delivering to a facility with all the necessary Local/State/Federal approvals already in place

(E) That Council will be undertaking an extensive review of
. Speed Signage
. Linemarking
. Road pavement conditions
. Pedestrian movements
. B Double safety movements along and off Coopers Rd
and reserves the right to request DTMR to consider these findings when they renew the annual permit.

(F) That Council feels it reasonable for DTMR to consider any upgrades to be funded by the operator as part of the annual renewal permit process

(G) That Council wishes to continue to consult with Willowbank Area Group and Coopers Rd residents on all aspects that have been raised as a concern and will pass on the DTMR decision to those residents

COMMENT from George Hatchman President of WAG (Willowbank area Group)
G’day David…..Just back home from Nambour and updating on yesterday & today’s outcomes on Coopers Road. Thanks all round for supporting our Willowbank community concerns.

Sunday is a valuable day to spend with family so it is much appreciated by this community that you, Mayor Paul and MLA Ian Rickuss, took this precious time out to come to Willowbank and meet with residents and discuss an appropriate ICC response to the Heavy Transport concerns on Coopers Road.

This interaction is what binds a community and gives community confidence in governance …. and don’t we all look a fine team in the photo!!

Lets trust in a positive outcome..Regards,

George Hatchman (Pres. WAG Inc.) 0408643463

(and for Jackie .. good on you for your persistent efforts in this matter)

Comment from Jackie Groenenberg:
Hello David

Please find below my comment for your blog. Hello, as a host to this meeting we would like to give a huge thanks to David,Paul and Ian for meeting with the local residents.

We appreciate you all hearing our concerns and although our preferred option of NO B-Double access will be ignored we do understand that ICC does not make the final decision. We do hope DTMR do take notice of our objections and the reasons why ie. noise,safety,poor road conditions now and as a result of large vehicle use. We hope that the conditions suggested will be considered. Thanks Jacq & Peter Groenenberg

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