Churchill Abattoir Community Newsletter #10

Barry Moule is the Managing Director of the Churchill Abattoir and issued the following newsletter to residents surrounding the Abattoir. “We would like to take the opportunity to bring you up to date on some developments at Churchill Abattoir.

Environmental Ponds
We have recently installed a new Waste Water Recycling System aimed at improving the water and odour quality of our wastewater. We have commissioned the new ponds and are proceeding with installing pond covers that we hope will allow us to capture the gases in a controlled fashion therein further reducing our odour emissions. As you may be aware the State Government has been very supportive in granting some funds to enable us to make this level of investment.

Our aim in this regard has and is to continue to strive to meet our environmental undertakings and importantly, enhance the local Community’s quality of live.

Woolworths BRISMEAT
As you may be aware our largest customer is Woolworths BRISMEAT to whom we supply the majority of their beef requirements to all stores in Queensland and Northern NSW. A change to their logistics plant from 1 March this year will see a significant drop in traffic volumes as there will be little warehousing of outsourced product staged through Churchill.

What this means to you is that there will be less heavy traffic accessing the local roads.

Community Meetings:


The Churchill Abattoir Community Consultative Committee continues to meet on a regular basis. Each member gives up their own time and have done an excellent job of contributing to a sound neighbourhood outcome. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday 10 May commencing at 5:30pm at Churchill Abattoir.

Residents are welcome to attend or offer feedback to the Manager at the Abattoir Mike Spence on telephone 38129000



Cr David Pahlkes Footnote:


The improving of the “amenity” originating from the Abattoir has certainly come a long way from those disgraceful days of 2000 when the facility was owned by the State Government.
Credit and thanks has to be given to Barry Moule, Mike Spence and his team at the Abattoir.
There is still more to do and they accept that. It is extremely difficult and challenging to have an Abattoir facility so close to the quanity of residential housing that currently exists.
The next meeting is Monday September 13th at 5.30pm at the Abattoir.



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