Fire ants found in Marburg

PHOTO: The nests fenced off in Marburg Quarry Rd Marburg

Biosecurity Qld have advised that approximately 100 nests have been found along a gravel roadside and an open paddock in Marburg. Sniffer dogs had identified the exact location following a local stumbling across the nests and being stung quite badly. A nest injection crew is working on destroying the infestation and will bait around the area.

This is a large infestation and will take some time to treat and destroy. Residents may have noticed helicopters flying over the site capturing imagery. Early indications are that that soil containing the ants may have been taken to the area.

The fire ant is a native of South America and was first discovered in Qld in Brisbane in February 2001. Nests have been found at Purga, Grandchester and Amberley. Not only are their bites extremely painful but can be potentially fatal for humans. Their bite can kill chicks, birds and even small calves

Fire ants are less than 6mm in size and are a coppery- brown colour with a dark abdomen and are aggressive when distbured. Further information call 132533.

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