Southen freight rail corridor Newsletter 3

The Queensland Government is planning for a new freight rail corridor from the Western Railway south of Rosewood to the interstate rail line near Kagaru north of Beaudesert. In 2008, an alignment for the corridor was proposed and public consultation undertaken.

The assessment report has been updated since it was first released in October 2008
. New Report includes information about the 78 submissions
. The new revised alignment, which was announced in Nov 2009
. Updates to the Technical papers based on submissions and the revised alignment.

The Qld Govt states this is a long term planning study and the estimated construction timetable is post 2031 and the SFRC is needed because:
. Increasing congestion on the rail networks
. Increasing freight movements across Qld which are predicted to double by 2020
. To ensure the corridor is protected from land development
. Help us meet the news of our growing population
The SFRC has also been indentified as a key link in the Commonwealth Governments Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail Study.

There has been enormous controversary over the quality and transparency of the Community Consultation and the Qld Govts apparent lack of “koala acknowledgement” along this corridor.

Community Information Days are planned for:
. Sat 17th April 11am-2pm Peak Crossing Community Hall
. Sat 24th April 11am-2pm Rosewood St Brigid’s Church Hall

Enquirires call 1800116215

Copies of reports & detailed maps are available at Cr Pahlkes office.
Submissions close Friday 14th May 2010

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