New Telstra mobile tower for Thagoona

PHOTO: NEW TELSTRA NextG Mobile Tower near ROSEWOOD GOLF CLUB on Karrabin Rosewood Rd on the outskirts of Rosewood
Telstra has announced that local Thagoona and Rosewood businesses and residents would benefit from new mobile broadband coverage following the customised installation of a new Next G™ base station in the East Rosewood area.


Telstra Country Wide General Manager for Southern Queensland, Nigel Beaman said Telstra had worked closely with the community, responding to local feedback that residents and businesses wanted improved mobile coverage in the Rosewood, Thagoona areas. Mobile phone users in Rosewood and Thagoona will experience improved coverage with their Next G™ mobile phones and modems in the area.
Telstra commenced work to acquire and build on the site in early 2006 Total cost of the project is believed to be several hundred thousand $. The new site (near the Rosewood Golf Club) improves depth of coverage and call performance in Rosewood and towards Thagoona and Ebeneezer. Site also offers improvement to coverage and performance on the Ipswich-Rosewood Rd as well as the Karrabin-Rosewood Rd, and also the Ipswich Rail line.

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