Launch of limited edition Jack Thompson Henry Lawson CD

PHOTO: ICONIC and Legendary Australian Actor JACK THOMPSON

TWO signed copies of a CD containing a special poetry reading by iconic Australian actor Jack Thompson will be auctioned at next month’s (April) launch of the Ipswich Poetry Feast.

The 2010 competition will be launched during the annual Poet’s Breakfast to be held from 8am to 10.45am on April 11 in Henry Lawson Bicentennial Park at Walloon.

Ipswich Poetry Feast Committee Chairperson Councillor David Pahlke said Jack Thompson had produced a limited edition CD of Henry Lawson poems especially for the City of Ipswich. “This CD, which includes the locally inspired poem The Babies of Walloon penned by Henry Lawson in 1891, was produced in recognition of Ipswich’s 150th celebrations,” Cr Pahlke said.

“Lawson wrote The Babies of Walloon after hearing the sad but true story of two young girls who drowned in a waterhole at Walloon at the turn of the nineteenth century. “Aged six and nine, the two daughters of a railway lengthman at Walloon, Bridget Kate and Mary Jane Broderick, were sent on an errand by their parents and it is believed that they were attracted to the waterhole near their home by some water-lilies.”

Cr Pahlke said the Ipswich Poetry Feast’s involvement with Jack Thompson came about after he learnt last year about “The Babies of Walloon” and the Ipswich Poetry Feast competition. “Jack had already recorded a CD of Henry Lawson’s works and upon hearing of Ipswich’s special connection to the poet agreed to produce a special version of his CD for our city. “He has done a wonderful job in bringing to life the works of Henry Lawson and his recording of The Babies of Walloon will ensure that this special Ipswich story is always remembered.”
Jack Thompson said it had been his honour to work with the members of the Ipswich Poetry Feast committee and Ipswich City Council to bring to life one of Lawson’s less known poems The Babies of Walloon. “I thoroughly enjoyed being able to record this poem on a special limited edition of my Henry Lawson CD especially for the Ipswich Poetry Feast.
“I have loved Lawson’s poems since I first heard them as a boy. Lawson truly was the poet of the people and for me, his words provide a window into the very heart of Australia. “I hope my CD will captivate fellow fans and introduce Henry Lawson to a new generation of Australians.”
Cr Pahlke said as part of the launch on April 11 of the Ipswich Poetry Feast competition for 2010 at Walloon the signed copies of Jack Thompson’s Henry Lawson CD would be auctioned off.

“We will be giving two lucky people the chance to take home a limited edition copy of this CD personally signed by Jack Thompson. “To put yourself in the running simply book a seat at the launch and Poet’s Breakfast.”

Cr Pahlke said the highest bidders on the day would be the lucky recipients of the commemorative CDs. Copies of the CD will also be available for sale on the day.
He said the Poetry Feast Committee was thrilled to have been able to work with Jack on this special project. Cr Pahlke said Ipswich was immensely proud of its link to Lawson. “There are not many communities in Australia that can lay fame to a poem by the literary icon.” Cr Pahlke said the Ipswich Poetry Feast was an annual event is co-ordinated by Ipswich City Council and the community.

Now in its eighth year, the Ipswich Poetry Feast incorporates a written poetry competition, poetry writing workshops, an awards presentation evening and a poets’ breakfast. The written poetry competition is designed to encourage and reward excellence in poetry writing.
Inquiries about the Ipswich Poetry Feast or the upcoming auction and the purchasing of CDs can be directed to 3810 6761.

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