March of the Dungarees

Pictured above top: the dead tree and memorial (Jan 2010), above middle: the newly planted tree and memorial and above bottom: the memorial plaque.

MARCH OF THE DUNGAREES Reenactment Memorial 1998 Located John St Rosewood outside Cabanda:

“This tree was planted on 21st April 1998 as part of the welcome ceremony for the Dungaree Re-Enactment. Those involved in the official planting were Len Clause (Mr. Haigslea), Norm Rackley (a former Rosewood Shire Councillor), Jessie Kerr (daughter of the then State Member for Rosewood, H Stevens MLA), Grace Claydon (who saw the original Dungarees at Allora), and the leader of the Re-Enactment Marchers Brian Bywater (alias Lt. David Binnie). The March of the Dungarees 25th November 1915. Cr David Pahlke Chariperson Dungaree Committee.”

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