ICC skate and BMX facilities plan

PHOTO: Nicholas, Jacob.Matthew and William from the
BENTLEY FAMILY – Jack Borg and Keenan Steward
with “Plan C” consultant Scotty Shearer at Lenihan
Park Sunday 14.2.2010

Ipswich City Council is utilising consultants “Plan C” on the development of the Ipswich Skate and BMX Facilities Strategy. The strategy is simply designed to provide a strategic direction on the development, maintenance, management and activation of Skate and BMX facilities in Ipswich.

A series of meetings around Ipswich have been arranged to meet with the users of some various facilities around Ipswich. Scotty Shearer from “Plan C” was at Tom Lenihan Skatebowl on Sunday 14th to talk to users and hand out survey forms.

The meetings are to ensure we have up to date information on what users want in their skate park or BMX facility. Ultimately we need our ensure our facilities are appropriately located, well-designed, enjoyable, appropriately challenging, in line with acceptable standards and are safe and enjoyable for users of all ages and skill levels.

There is a short survey on Skate and BMX facilities in Ipswich that you can complete online at
http://www.ipswich.qld.gov.au/ .

You can also share a conversation with other Ipswich Skaters and BMXers on two dedicated web forums or you can join the Facebook Ipswich Skate and BMX Strategy Group to stay up to date with what’s happening with the project.”

Three issues Cr Pahlke picked up at the Lenihan Park meeting:

. Shade
. Pathway linking bowl to car park
. Make the BMX track a little more challenging

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