Hunt on for City’s oldest photograph

Pictured above top is the Marsh Family from Pine Mountain in 1890 and above bottom is P Angels Bakery in Rosewood in the 1880’s

Ipswich City Council is on the hunt for treasured photographs depicting the city’s early history as Ipswich celebrates 150 years since it first became a municipality.
Tourism and Libraries Committee Chairperson Councillor David Pahlke said the city’s Picture Ipswich database already contained a range of wonderful images of Ipswich’s early days but council was keen to further extend the photographic collection.
“We are trying to create a wonderful reference for the Ipswich of the future,” he said.
“The work we do today to gather these images before they are lost forever will be appreciated I’m sure by future generations.
“We will be ensuring that an extensive photographic record exists of Ipswich to give a glimpse into day-to-day life in the city.”
Cr Pahlke said throughout 2010, council wanted to encourage local residents to examine their own personal photographic collections to see if they had any images which revealed different aspects of Ipswich’s early years.
“We are asking people to take a look within their family albums for suitable images which could be added to Picture Ipswich.
“We want to build this photographic site into a fine example of what life was like in Ipswich in the 1800s and since.
“Photographs of Ipswich buildings and houses, people of interest, local businesses and industries in operation, early community gatherings such as sporting matches and church fetes and letters and documents are all of interest.
“If anyone has images different to those on the website we would love to hear from you.”
“As Ipswich’s oldest provincial city we have a rich history and council is keen to ensure that our heritage is preserved and recorded for the future.”
“Along the way we hope to uncover the city’s oldest photographs.”

“Currently, the oldest photograph on Picture Ipswich is one of Elizabeth Pettigrew which was taken in Brisbane around 1860.”

“Mrs Pettigrew was the first wife of former Ipswich Mayor John Pettigrew who was Mayor from 1864 to 1865.”
Cr Pahlke said as Picture Ipswich was an ongoing and continuous project council would continue to welcome further donations of photos for scanning and uploading from the community.
All photographs are scanned and returned to their owners.
The Picture Ipswich website can be accessed via the Ipswich Library and Information Service’s website at Inquiries about Picture Ipswich can be directed to 3810 7272.
Story courtesy of Julie Brumfield-Jones, Ipswich City Council Media

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