Questions on the Recent State Government Koala Legalisation

Q1. Did Ipswich council ask for a delay in implementing the legislation? If so, why?No, Ipswich City Council did not ask the State Government for any delay. Ipswich City Council lodged a detailed submission with the State Government as did a number of other local councils. Council’s submission detailed the way in which the State Government’s regulations did not fully take into account our masterplanning. Ipswich has already set aside significant areas of conservation land.
Q2. How is the new legislation expected to affect planning and development in Ipswich?
The draft State Government koala conservation provisions provide a strong framework for the conservation of koala habitat areas throughout the City of Ipswich and we believe this will help to conserve and protect the city’s koala population.
Q3. When will Ipswich council’s koala mapping be finalised?The public submission period closed in late December and a report will be considered by council later this month. Council will continue to work with the Ipswich Koala Protection Society and other interested members of the public to complete the final mapping of key koala habitat areas within Ipswich.
Q4. Given that sightings of koalas in 2009 at Mt Forbes are 87, more than anywhere else in the city, will this area be singled out for special protection?
Through the masterplanning process, in partnership with the State Government, an area of high conservation value will be protected as part of any future development of the Ebenezer business park.
Q5. Any other comments on the upcoming legislation and its effects on Ipswich?
Ipswich City Council has an outstanding record for the conservation of natural areas throughout the city such as in the Flinders-Goolman and White Rock areas supported by our partnerships with rural landowners and extensive parkland areas along the city’s rivers and waterways. An area of 245 km2 of key koala habitat is already protected under the Ipswich Planning Scheme through conservation and other green space zones.

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