Self-published books donated to Library

Pictured (above) is Grandchester’s Eileen Hooper donation a copy of her self-published book to Cr David Pahlke at the Ipswich Library.

There are numerous people in our community who self publish books, not to make money but simply to pass on their experience or knowledge of a topic. These people often donate copies of their books to our libraries and, as Tourism and Libraries Committee Chairperson, Cr Pahlke is honoured to accept these generous donations.

Some of the recent donations of self-published books by local writers include:
Memoir Highlights Memory Trigger Book – An Easy Guide to Writing a Family Member’s Life Story by Eileen Hooper. Grandchester Identity Eileen Hooper has created and self-published a simple template to writing life stories. The book consists of a series of everyday questions about common mile-stones and life periods.
The List Book by Helen Avaient of Rosewood. The book has over 180 lists and checklists to fill out. Examples include lists of phone numbers, business organisations, emergency contacts, websites and many more.
The Greek Islands – Pastel Painting Tour by former Ipswich teacher Lorrie Jarrett. This is Lorrie’s first book of published poems, inspired by a recent trip to the Greek Islands after 35 years in the teaching profession.

if you are self-publishing a book of any kind and would like to donate a copy and/or hold a launch event at the Ipswich Library, please contact Cr Pahlke via the Division 10 Office.

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